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Well, all you Justin Junkies, sorry I've been amiss in updating things. Let's get you filled in on what's been going on in the life of Justin Payne. Been working House of Pain shows pretty steadily, been a while since I've had a match that I felt very good about. I've been hoping one of old arch rivals The Count might show up at the HOP but he has been hiding as of late. I am in a program now with Brian Bedlam. He's one of the recently graduated students and he has a great look, and is showing a lot of potential. Good big tough guy to work, nice and stiff, just how I like it.

I am DJ'ing an R&B and Hip-Hop night at Malone's Bar and Grill in Planet Ice in Coquitlam, every Thursday night. Come and check it out, good fun and cheap drinks!!! I want to thank all the fans that have been emailing me, your kind words are appreciated. I want to congratulate Dr. Luther and Mark Large for their Dark Matches on Raw, looked really stong out there. Good movies seen this month are Gladiator and Road Trip, would definitely recommend both of these. 

My main priority right now is dropping another 40lbs. to bring me down to about 225-230lbs. You might see a manager in Justin Payne's corner in the near future, not much to say about that now except that this person is deeply connected with Hollywood. Keep you emails coming, I try to respond as fast as I can.

The Mofo has spoken, you are dismissed.

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