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Well, October is upon us and the career of Justin Payne is getting turned up a notch. Justin's pretty busy nowadays he's busy at school. know...that thing most wrestling fans gave up in the seventh grade. He's moonlighting at Malone's Bar and Grill in Coquitlam. If you stop by on Friday or Saturday nights you might be lucky enough to have him toss you out on your ass. Justin's training is also getting kicked into high gear with a new regiment of mega cardio and increased chest work. Come out to Carnoustie's Fitness Club one day and maybe he'll honour you by wrapping a barbell around your neck.

Any of you who subscribe to the HOP newsletter will have noticed Justin being named the student of the week. I mean of course, who else could it have been. Surely not that useless, stone faced jabronie Softcore Harold. People are saying to me, "How could you turn on your best friend Harold?" The fact is I was sick of carrying Harold's ass around. Time has come for Justin to claim the spotlight for his own. I proved that by beating Buffy's ass all around the ring last Sunday. If it wasn't for Softcore Harold you'd be looking at the new House of Pain champion. That's ok though, Softcore will get what's coming to him. This Sunday I'm going to beat his ass black and blue and show him what being Hardcore is all about. That goes for anyone else out there too, you want to step up to The Mofo and get what's coming to you, I'm open to all comers. Justin Payne doesn't back down, lay down or take shit from anybody. This is just the beginning of a new era in ECCW, the era of youth, the era of Justin Payne. To stand up and take notice because Justin Payne is here to stay.

The Mofo has spoken, you are dismissed.
All Hail Justin Payne!

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